A full HD remake of Cinemaware's classic WWI Amiga game featuring never-before-seen content!

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Colonel Farrah advises: “Beware the Hun in the Sun” (Wings’ Legacy)

“Relive the action, glory and seat of the pants daring of a WWI Allied fighter pilot! You'll strafe Hun armies, bomb enemy aerodromes and match wits against deadly Aces in heart-stopping dogfights, the loser going down in flames...without a parachute! More than just a simulator, Wings features genuine arcade action and an emotion packed role-playing experience. Wings is the easy to play air combat simulation you've been waiting for... no complicated keyboard commands. Just fly and shoot!”

It was with these words that Cinemaware’s Wings entered the annals of the videogame industry and the hearts of gamers across the globe 22 years ago. Wings was more than just an action flight sim…it truly was a personal combat experience, reflecting all the drama, emotional involvement and brutality that WWI pilots went through in their (usually short) war experience. The emotional impact that Wings’ game playing experience had on gamers has never been quite replicated in the history of the industry.

The Wings Kickstarter Campaign Made This Possible

Down with Kaiser Bill! Launch the offensive! (About the Project)

Cinemaware is bringing this unique, emotion-charged, action-packed gaming experience back to life – in full, glorious HD graphics & sound!

For that to happen, we are looking for the support of all our fans and gamers in general who want to relive this classic game once more on modern platforms!

The Wings Kickstarter Campaign Made This Possible

Cinemaware has now assembled a team of experienced developers to bring Wings back to life as Wings: Remastered Edition. The team has been responsible for over 200 games, including a number of Amiga classics, and the 2003 remake Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown. Work has begun on this project, with a five level demo to show off what we want to deliver if you support us through our Kickstarter campaign. Relive the dogfights, characters, missions, storylines of the original, and encounter the same impacting experience fans have come to fondly remember.

We’ll be posting regular updates about the progress of the project as it moves along, posting new video updates, graphic and sound developments, concept art and developer interviews. But we’re going the extra mile to make our fans and backers feel they are an important part of the process of creating a great game.

Visit the funding page to get more details on the prizes and pledge your support.

Recent News

Wings nearly ready!

Wings! Remastered Edition is almost ready for release. We’ve run a number of Beta tests with our backers, and we’ve also tied up with Kalypso who will be publishing the game on Steam, in retail stores, and on mobile devices.

People who backed the game at Kickstarter will receive their copies very soon.

The 56th salutes you!

Vote for Wings on Steam Greenlight!

This is another aspect of this campaign we need additional help with – vote YES! for us on Steam Greenlight:


We are 31% of the way to the Top 100 ranked games, but we need many, many more votes to get there. So, if you have not voted yet, please do so now! Help us get more votes by asking your gaming buddies to vote as well, spreading news of Wings in your favorite gaming forums and actively participating in the community! Getting approved on Steam Greenlight will greatly enhance the visibility and funding for this project, which benefits everyone!


Funding Continues, Payments

We have taken the last couple of days to rest a bit as well as organize the next steps for this project and the continuation of the funding campaign. Yes, funding has NOT stopped, and it will continue at www.cinemawarewings.com/paypal. (We are also in the process of rebuilding this site in order to improve navigation and usability). So, keep spreading the word about this project – we can achieve higher stretch goals and keep improving Wings: Remastered Edition even further!

In any event, we must thank everyone once again for coming together and helping us make this campaign a success. The great feedback and even criticism we receive, along with the funding, will only help make this game better! Let’s keep at it!

Kickstarter/Amazon Payments

There is one important reminder we’d like to bring up to everyone.

In the short term, we will be awaiting the transfer of funds from Kickstarter/Amazon. As many of you know, it can take up to two weeks to execute such transfer. However, we have had over $3,000 worth of pledges “bounced” by their respective credit cards according to Kickstarter’s report so far. This is partially normal, since many times user’s cards need verification by their owners if they do not recognize certain merchants or if a backer recently changed credit card numbers. Kickstarter will keep trying the charge for several times, after which the pledge will be cancelled.

This is where we really need everyone to pay attention and ensure their pledges did indeed go through! Please, double-check if Kickstarter/Amazon was successful in charging your card, or if you need to change your credit card info there is still time by going into your account. We cannot afford to miss out on a high number of cancellations and putting stretch goals at risk! Of course, alternatively you can always use PayPal as a way to fund your pledge by visiting www.cinemawarewings.com/paypal or simply transferring the proper amount directly to ‘payments@cinemaware.com’.

Next Steps

We had over 1,400 backers in this campaign, a 50% increase from the last campaign we ran last year, which we consider a great success. It shows the Cinemaware community is getting back together, and we strongly believe that over time this community will be represented by several thousand others who will join in and make future campaigns even stronger and bigger. We certainly will work for that to happen, but we cannot do it alone! As the initial “founding backers” of the first Cinemaware title to be funded via crowdfunding,you do have a huge, important responsibility to ensure future success: keep helping us find other potential backers for Wings, other Cinemaware fans to join this community! The stronger as a group we are, the better & bigger future games we develop will be. The funding success of Wings: RE has proven that with hard work and collaboration from fans, we can once again bring you great games. Do not forget that!

Moving on, we plan to keep sending updates regularly to keep everyone abreast of funding progress, stretch goals, add-ons, production-related matters and general Cinemaware news bits! We are also working on getting the exclusive backers’ forum up & running so that you can join in more active internal discussions and feedback as well!

If you want to see a specific subject discussed, please let us know!

Team Cinemaware

Wings Desktop Wallpapers!

To celebrate Wings: Remastered Edition being funded on Kickstarter, here are two desktop wallpapers for you to use!

Remember, you can still increase your pledge, or pledge via PayPal, if you want to help us achieve our stretch goals!

(click on an image to see it full size, and then right-click to use on your desktop)


If we achieve the minimum funding goal, we will recreate the original game in all its glory – but this time, with full HD graphics & sound, enhanced animations, a revised UI and enhancements to the controls. Our target platform is PC. Potential future platforms are Macintosh, PSN consoles, iOS & Android devices (tablets and mobile devices) and OUYA. The game will be DRM-free and no additional content will be up for sale – you get the whole game in its entire, original glory!


Kickstarter Prize List


Kickstarter Prize List


Kickstarter Prize List


Kickstarter Prize List